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 i got some incredible insights when i visited my colleagues in dublin, ireland our european wow gold headquarters as well as various webmasters  google users throughout europe, all of whom offered thoughtfully global perspectives on search. closer to home, irquote ve especially enjoyed chatting with webmasters and it folks from non-profit organizations; these are people who often lack the resources to delve into the world of seo, canrquote t even afford a week to schmooze at a conference.

 itrquote s made me think about how we google and all of us passionate about search can most scalably and responsibly spread knowledge, and broadly share best search and user-experience practices in this  area. wow po  what are some of the most common issues that yourquote ve heard from webmasters in terms of problems with ranking on google? what are some of the most common solutions? the two most common concerns we hear are hey, all or most of my pages arenrquote t in your index! and my siterquote s not ranking astera gold   high as irquote d like or for the keywords it should show up for.

 in the first case, the sites at issue tend to be relatively new, or have so few meaningful backlinks as to be practically invisible. in a few instances, the sites violate or have recently violated our webmaster guidelines. the solutions involve patience andor responsible networking to garner at least a few good links. or, when violations are an issue, then cleaning up the problem and filing a reinclusion request is the way to go. in the second case, ranking can quite often be improved via either making onerquote s site more accessible  user-friendly clearer titles, cleaner navigation or  in a broader sense  by making the site more tera key  interesting or useful or entertaining to make for a better user experience. lastly, i think our faq on creating a google-friendly site in particular can address many webmaster concerns and questions both in the initial stages of making a site and also in troubleshooting. the last time we talked, you mentioned that google base will play a more active role with information supplied in search results. you also mentioned that the line between the various google services is becoming more fluid. can you elaborate on that?


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